We design the perfect trip for you

How it works and how we do it

You want to plan the perfect trip, but don’t have time to research destinations, much less figure out all the details?

Yes, planning a trip in detail takes hours and even days. It seems simple, but it is not: think about flights, transfers, hotels and apartments, monuments and places to visit and schedules, off the beaten places (almost secret for some, but we know them), paths, how to get there, transport, what are the best tours, experiences, where to eat, where to go out at night, safety tips, and how to organize all this in a practical, linear way, to make the most of your time and enjoy your holidays ... Ufff! It's a lot, isn't it?

But we love doing it! And that's what we do for you.
Why you need it? So many reasons:

  • Going abroad for the first time

  • Planning a trip and don’t know where to start

  • Don’t have time to research destinations, much less figure out all the details

  • Just enjoy your vacation without worrying about deciding what to do and how to get around

  • Maximize your vacation time

Summing up, we save you time and money building the perfect itinerary according to your preferences.
This itinerary, organized day by day, will contain all the basic information to enjoy each day of vacation without stress.
In each city or place, depending on the days spent in it, we will organize each day individually so that you can make the most of everything there is to visit, with information on what, where, schedules, maps and "secret" sites, with links to the necessary information, either from a location or map with direction.

There will be no wasted day!

Upon arrival and also, when changing cities or locations, we will indicate suggestions for a hotel or apartment (depending on your preference), transportation and transfers.
We do not make reservations. We do an exhaustive search so that we can suggest the best deals in terms of quality / price / location.

To complete all this information at the basic level of a trip, we will also give you several tips on the way of life of the country / city. Several practical everyday things that may seem insignificant but that can help when visiting a foreign country: currency, where to change money, what is the best operator to buy an internet card and how, what to eat and where, schemes that can exist, where to find a laundry, etc.

Why choose us and not others?

Because we guarantee that we go beyond what is expected, so that you can in fact have a unique and different holiday than the others offer, always in safety and with the maximum fun and use of time.

We meet your travel preferences and create a personalized travel itinerary, complete with everything you will need to simply have fun!

You can go on a trip alone, as a couple, with family or with friends. For each case we will create the perfect itinerary according to your preferences: don't hide anything from us, say everything you like and dislike and it will be perfect!

Our prices are competitive. Why?
Because yes, it is work, but it is work that we love.

Need more information? Just send us an email to customtraveldesigner@gmail.com or fill out the contact form.

If you are ready to go on vacation and want the Custom Travel Designer to start planning your itinerary now, just fill out the questionnaire with the necessary answers so that we can create the perfect itinerary for your vacation.

Planning a trip can be a daunting task

We love to travel and we have a lot of experience in traveling the world making our own itineraries.
Years ago, we started booking custom travel experiences for our friends and family, and decided to turn our passion into a business. Now, everyone gets to travel with our advice and itineraries and they want us to be their personal travel planner.

Our team consists of two and we have been traveling together for almost 20 years.
We live in Portugal and love to travel the world: Europe, Asia, America, many have been the countries we visited and always, always with itineraries created by us.
From Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Poland, Hungary and of course, our fantastic country Portugal, among others we visited, we will create the perfect travel plan for you, with all the details (and a few that few remember ) you need.

Custom Travel Designer is an independent business. We want to maximize your time by tying together "happy moments" in new places.
Your time is valuable and after months of hard work, you deserve a stress-free vacation. We treat all the details, tips, what to see (museums, castles, landscapes, beaches...), possible scams in a destination and we advise what is the best hotel, tour, transport, transfer, restaurant, bar or souvenir shop for your perfect vacations.
We don't book any service for you: we advise and give options and the final choice is yours.

We create and design a personal itinerary.
Day by day, for you.

Do not find yourself lost on your vacation without having anything previously organized, without knowing where to go, how to go and what to do: time passes quickly on vacation and all hours and moments must be used well.

That's why Custom Travel Designer is the perfect choice:
a travel plan tailored to you.

Need more information? Just send us an email to customtraveldesigner@gmail.com or fill out the contact form.

If you are ready to go on vacation and want the Custom Travel Designer to start planning your itinerary now, just fill out the questionnaire with the necessary answers so that we can create the perfect itinerary for your vacation.

What does the itinerary include?

The itinerary includes detailed information on any or all parts of your trip from when you leave your house until you return. Depending on your preferences it can include:

  • Recommendations on initial or returning flights

  • Direct links to book accommodation

  • Suggestions and links for mid trip bus, flights, transfers or train transportation

  • Guidance on booking any tours or activities that need pre-booking

  • Daily itineraries with the day's order of activities in written and map forms

  • Instructions how to get to and from airports, accommodation and activities

  • Recommended restaurants, bars, night clubs or a place for a special occasion and moment

  • All tips for your destination, like how to exchange money, safety and much more

  • You don't need to tell us your vacation dates. We only need to know how many days you want us to plan

We will send the itinerary in PDF format. As sometimes you may not have access to the internet, or you don't want to use your smartphone, you always have the chance to print and have the itinerary always available. We strongly advise you to ALWAYS print the itinerary.
Imagine being in a place with a weak internet signal: with an app it wouldn't work.
In this way, in PDF format, you always have the information available either on paper or on your smartphone.

What do we need from you

  • Fill out the form

  • You will receive an email with a valor on based on your responses to the form

  • Pay for your travel itinerary using the secure link that is emailed to you

  • Upon the payment, your itinerary will begin to be created. You can provide any additional information before the itinerary is finalized

  • Within 7 - 10 days you receive your travel design itinerary

  • After this you can use the links and you are free to talk with us for any questions

  • Enjoy your stress-free pre planed and custom vacations


We charge a flat rate of €30 per travel day that you ask us to plan.

We can design just part of your vacation or your entire trip. You decide how many and which days you want.

One Custom Travel Design For All

At Custom Travel Designer we can plan a personalized trip for everyone. Really everyone.
When we travel we want to know the country, the city, the village. But each person is different from the other. We know this and for this reason, in addition to an itinerary, let's say 'general', we can include more specific details depending on the client.

Gay travelers

In addition to the normal personalized itinerary, we give some information about gay life in that country and city and we will also include gay and gay friendly places to visit such as shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and areas of interest.
Gay accommodation options may also be indicated if they exist.

Solo travelers

We know that a lot of people like to travel alone. However, during the trip, it feels good to meet new people, some who travel alone like us.
So, at Custom Travel Designer, if you are a solo traveler, in addition to the normal personalized itinerary, we will look for suggestions of suitable activities for those traveling alone so that they can meet people from all over the world.

Group of Friends Travelers

Were you able to gather a group of friends to travel? Fantastic! In addition to the normal personalized itinerary, we will suggest activities and places indicated for groups of friends in order to keep the good mood constant among everyone!

Romantic Travelers

Are you going to travel with your better half? Whether it is just a romantic trip or even a honeymoon, in addition to the normal personalized itinerary we can include suggestions of really romantic places: that special sunset, a terrace with a unique view, a perfect restaurant for being together. And if you want to make a surprise, tell us more or less what you want and we find a suggestion.

With Kids Travelers

When traveling with children we know that kids don't always have the same interests as adults.
Thus, in addition to the normal personalized itinerary, we will look for activities that the kids will love in order to complement all visits to monuments that they are sometimes tired of. A visit to a zoo or that unforgettable amusement park. Or even that restaurant or small cafe that is for the decoration or cakes the kids will love.

All other Travelers

If your trip is a mix of two or more of these type of travelers, let us know and we will take care of everything!

If you want something even more specific that is not here, just tell us.
We will always do our best to send you the perfect personalized travel itinerary.

Privacy Policy

On the website customtraveldesigner.com we only collect the information necessary to prepare the travel itinerary. This information is sent by the customer, used only by us and will never be shared with third parties.

All personal information relating to members, subscribers, customers or visitors using customtraveldesigner.com will be handled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Law No. 67/98, of 26 of October 1998).

The personal information collected may include your:

Email address
Phone number
Date of birth
Other personal information needed to develop a personalized travel itinerary

The customer has the right at any time to know, correct or request to delete any information we hold on its behalf.

If you want to know more about our Privacy Policy or have any questions, please contact us by email to customtraveldesigner@gmail.com

Custom Travel Designer reserves the right to change this agreement without prior notice.

Last updated: 16 January 2020

Email and contact form

Email: customtraveldesigner@gmail.com

Contact form


How does Custom Travel Designer work?

Everything is very simple: you answer a few questions about how you like to travel with our short online form.
Within 7 to 10 business days, you will receive your personalized travel plan with recommendations for places to visit, how to get there, accommodation, transport, transfers, where to eat, where to go out at night, monuments, shopping malls, that 'secret' place that few know about, etc. And where necessary, links for easy access.

How much does it cost?

We charge a fixed amount of €30 per travel day that you ask us to plan.
We can design only part of your trip or the whole trip.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes, we ask for payment to be made in advance. Anyway, while we design the travel plan, you can always contact us for any changes or suggestions.

What is included in the travel plan?

The itinerary/travel plan is completely tailored to you, depending on your preferences previously indicated.
For each city, 3 accommodation suggestions will be indicated: hotel or apartment, or both, depending on your preference.Each day will be planned individually, with a suggested route in order to make the most of each day. The necessary links will be included in order to make the route as easy as possible, such as maps, place of interest, etc.Suggestions for restaurants and nightlife venues.Suggestions for transport and transfers, whether in the change of city or even in the city itself when making the route/visits.Suggested tours of interest.Several tips on country and city to visit.Among others.

Do you make any bookings for me?

Nowadays, with the many booking platforms and the ease with which they are made, making a reservation is quite easy when traveling.
But we do the hard part: research! And we give you several suggestions and the respective links, with the best offers, so you can book easily.

How long does it take to send me the travel plan?

The personalized travel plan is sent out within 7-10 business days.

Is the travel plan really personalized?

Fully personalized! We will always take into account your tastes and requests. So we ask for absolute honesty when filling out the form and encourage you to write something that you think is important but is not there.
Tell us everything!

Can I trust your recommendations?

We always do an exhaustive search to give the best suggestions for itinerary, accommodation, transport and places to visit, always suited to your preferences.
We research and look for good references so that everything goes well.

What destinations do they cover?

The world is the limit! Tell us where you want to go and what cities, and we will arrange a perfect personalized travel plan.

Is it really mandatory to follow the travel plan?

We make a travel plan in order to make the most of each day. However, of course you will be able to adapt the days and even the places to visit.
The base is done. Then, follow or conjugate in the way that best suits you.

Why should I pay you to plan my trip?

Browsing the internet looking for the next destination to visit can be fun: viewing photos, monuments, etc. However, after deciding, all the planning, the research of the destination and several cities, the best area to stay, the logistics, etc., become a real headache... And the free time to organize everything is not much.
We take care of all that so that you can simply enjoy your well-deserved vacation.
We can even help you choose your destination. Just let us know.

Terms and Conditions

1. Product and Prices
On the Custom Travel Designer website, we offer a personalized travel itinerary creation service for the number of days indicated by the client.
We charge a fixed amount for each day we organize. The amount payable by the customer will be the sum of days indicated by the customer. The value for each day of organized travel is indicated in the 'Pricing' tab on the website (VAT included).
The total price to be paid will always be sent to the customer by email.

2. The Itinerary product
At Custom Travel Designer we create a suggested itinerary according to the preferences indicated by the customer.
The itinerary is written in the English language. It can be written in Portuguese on request.
After the client receives the itinerary, on the trip, it is only the client's responsibility to follow or not the suggestions indicated by us.
In this same itinerary we also send links with suggestions for accommodation, tours, transfers, transport, etc. It is the customer's sole responsibility to follow these suggestions or not and make any reservations.
At Custom Travel Designer we do not make any reservations on behalf of the client.
At Custom Travel Designer we are not responsible for any changes to the customer's travel or reservations made by the customer.
At Custom Travel Designer we only offer a service that consists of a suggested itinerary, the final decision being the customer's decision to follow this itinerary or not and also the client being entirely responsible for any event that happens when following the itinerary.

3. Payment
Payment by the customer for the service made by Custom Travel Designer is made in advance in full.
After the customer informs that he wants the service, the customer will receive an email from Custom Travel Designer with a secure link to one of the Stripe or PayPal payment platforms in order to make the payment in a secure manner.
If there is any doubt regarding the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of both payment platforms mentioned above, the customer should go to their website.

4. Sending the Itinerary
After confirmation of full payment by the customer, the Custom Travel Designer will prepare the Personalized Travel Itinerary.
This itinerary will be sent to the customer by email, to the address indicated by the customer within 7 to 10 working days.

5. Returns
After payment by the customer, the customer has 24 hours from the date and time of that payment to withdraw from the service and request a refund of the amount paid.
After 24 hours, there is no place to return any amount paid by the customer and the Travel Itinerary service will be performed and delivered on time.

6. Governing Law
These Terms and Conditions and the service provided in accordance to these Terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Portugal and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts.

Custom Travel Designer reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions or the services it offers at any time.

For further information which deems necessary, concerning the policies above, do not hesitate to contact us using the following contacts: E-mail: customtraveldesigner@gmail.com

Last updated: 16 January 2020